Christmas Trees, Snow-men, and Reindeer… Get into the festive season this year with our Christmas-themed icon sets!

Christmas trees, decoration, and fun-filled snowball fights. Ramp up your Christmas spirit and leave a lasting impression on your customers this festive season. Read on.
Use the Christmas icon set to discover if your customers will be leaving a positive review under the tree this festive season.
Be it decoration or Christmas related gifts, the reindeer set is perfect for giving your customers the opportunity to share their positively festive reviews.
Come snow or shine, the snowman set provides a memorable customer service experience no matter the conditions!
Want more? Gift your customers something to remember with this new gift-themed icon set!
With the choice of a red, yellow or green gift, your customers can easily rate the quality of your product/service, providing instant insights into where you’re losing out, need improvement or winning big!
Fireworks and festivities! Embrace the celebration with our new firework icon sets designed to ramp up your customer service and show your flare!
With a choice of three new firework icon sets, it’s time to discover if you’re delivering on the bang this festive season with a choice from our explosive red, yellow, and green firework sets!
Choose your favorite set and start providing memorable customer feedback today! RateMyService sets can be easily changed as seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBMaFXFOrXs&list=PLyjmOhc9kkxVynL-6EwHUrEvHqrAVqBC_
PS: Christmas is a time of giving, so in light of the festive season, we’re throwing in tons of bonus icon sets below! Simply pick the one you’re most happy with and you’re good to go!












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