Net Promoter Score?

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric that measures your customer loyalty through first-hand feedback. It is predictive of business growth and expresses how customers perceive you. Your NPS consists of three groupings: Promoter, Passive, and Detractor. They are easily explained below:

A promoter is your strongly loyal customer. They will often support and recommend your product/service without asking.

A passive is in the middle. They might not dislike your product/service, but they’re not ‘crazy’ about it either. They may exchange in business with you but are unlikely to recommend you to others.

A detractor passionately dislikes your product/service, and will actively speak out against it, which very negatively impacts your NPS score.

Understanding how these groupings work together helps your business grow. You can have a positive or negative NPS if your promoters outnumber your detractors or vice versa. Passive customers, however, can go either way, so figuring out where your customers lie within the three groupings is important in allowing you to follow up with them and improve your business. So, how can you use the Net Promoter system to improve your business?

Ask a survey question
NPS is comprised of a single-question survey, where you ask them what they think of you, your product/service. Customers answer this question in two parts and rate your product/service. This provides you with a benchmark to be tracked over time and compared with competitors.

Open-ended feedback
Here, respondents explain their rating in their own words, free of bias, so you can see where you’re doing good, or decent and where you can improve, ultimately growing your business.

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