Travel Industry? Top off your customer service with new memorable In-signature Survey icon sets

Stand out. If you’re in the travel industry or working on the water, leave the memorable impression that brings your customers back with these new icon sets! Let me explain.
Customers in the sky? With the plane icon set, they can easily rate the quality of their airtime with these unique sets, putting you at the forefront of memorable customer service!


Looking for something different? Use the passport icon to find out if your customers will staying a foot or soaring through the sky with you once again!


Be it boat cruise, vacation or travel with the whales, the boat icon ends every exchange on a memorable note, providing you with the opportunity to see how well you did, where you can improve and perhaps where your best features lie!


It’s simple. Pick your favorite, or the one you feel best matches your industry and you’re good to go! RateMyService sets can be easily changed as seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBMaFXFOrXs&list=PLyjmOhc9kkxVynL-6EwHUrEvHqrAVqBC_

PS: We’re excited to bring you many more sets in future!

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