What is a CSAT?

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) measures your customer satisfaction throughout all interactions and is a determiner of your business’s success.

How is it calculated?
Your CSAT is simply the sum of all your positive responses, divided by the total responses collected. It is then multiplied by 100. For example, if you received 20 total responses and 15 of them were positive — your CSAT score would be calculated as follows:
15 positive responses / 20 total responses = 0.75 x 100 =75%
(A good score is usually between 75% and 85%)

The Best CSAT practice:
Apply CSAT to the critical moments in your customer’s journey, whether that be the purchasing process, use of the product, interactions with you, your content, or anything else you deem important depending on the product/service you offer.
To get a better idea of when applying CSAT is appropriate, take a look at when thriving competitors use it.

Short, intuitive, easy to use, specific and because CSAT consists of fewer questions, it generates higher response rates than other satisfaction surveys. CSAT surveys provide immediate insights into customer opinions, allowing businesses to address issues promptly and make real-time improvements.

CSAT is a determiner of your business’ success
If your customers love your product/service, it’ll drive loyalty, referrals, and a strong reputation – ultimately determining whether your customers return, or take their business to a competitor. It is responsible for your lasting growth and creating (or maintaining) a positive brand image.

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