Why you need to improve your customer relations (and HOW to do it)

Positive customer relations are important because:

  • Good customer service brings your customers back.
  • They encourage customer loyalty over competitors.
  • They greatly improve your referrals.
  • They boost sales and ultimately grow your business.

So just how do you improve them? Read on.

Be present
Respond within 24 hours to show professionalism and that you care. A present business is a liked business, and a liked business is a lasting one.

Give your customers a way to provide feedback
Positive feedback is hard-earned, so why not showoff your flare with strong testimonies that convince, enticing comments that compel, and 5-star ratings that bring in new customers and ultimately grow your business. On the other hand, no one is more frustrated than an upset customer without a voice. By allowing your customers to provide feedback, both positive and negative, you not only discover where you can improve, but you also improve your brand in the eyes of those that are important to your business’ success.
Lastly, it’s impossible to anticipate all customer issues. So instead, create a way for customers to provide feedback on where you can improve. How else would you uncover where your weakness lie? But wait, there’s more.

Reward your customers
Be it a small thank you notice, discount, coupon or even a shout out on social media, as long as you’re showing your customers you care, you’re going a long way in building a positive, lasting, strong bond. After all, a bonded customer is a better predictor of loyalty over other responses to customer satisfaction surveys.

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