How to Deliver Negative Feedback that Yields Results

Feedback. Follow-up. Results. This formula provides a great outline to not just company growth, but individual growth too, which in itself compounds into further company growth.
So, how exactly do we turn negative feedback into a positive? How do we avoid upsetting team dynamics, reducing retention rates, and lowering staff morale? Read on.

Right Place. Right Time

It is crucial that negative feedback is delivered in private to avoid ‘ambushing your employees’.
Negative feedback in front of others is not only embarrassing, but when a staff member feels attacked in-front of their peers, they can become defensive and even resentful over time, creating a counterproductive environment.

Be Constructive. Not Destructive

Your tone is important, by why not take it a step further?
Use the ‘Feedback Sandwich’ approach – a technique that emphasizes starting with a positive comment or acknowledgment of strengths and accomplishments.
This greatly increases the morale of your staff and can look something like this:
‘Hi John, I can see you’re doing great in this area, and I really like what you’re doing over there, but, I think you could improve a bit here. Let me show you how.’

End on a Positive Note

They say people remember the beginning, barely the middle, and definitely the end.
So start on a positive note, and end on one, too. Not only does this increase confidence within your valued staff, but it makes them want to improve.

Follow Up

Not only does this emphasize a growth-driven environment, but it keeps your staff on their toes (in a good way) and ensures everyone takes their constructive feedback seriously, ultimately growing not only your team, but your business, too.

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