New smiley face icon sets out now! Leave a lasting impression on your customers today!

Set yourself apart from competitors.
With our newly released smiley face icon sets, you’re well on your way to setting yourself apart from the rest with a choice from white lined, black-lined and white-outlined smiley face sets.
Check them out below!





But wait, there’s more. Be there or be square as they say – with our square smiley face icon sets, you’ve a choice between a neutral approach with a simple black-lined set, or a more adventurous animated one!



Simply choose your favorite and you’re good to go! RateMyService sets can be easily changed as seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBMaFXFOrXs&list=PLyjmOhc9kkxVynL-6EwHUrEvHqrAVqBC_

PS: We’ve many more unique sets to come!

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