Customers can now rate you from 1-5 with our new sets (Ensuring you don’t miss out on 4-Star reviews)

Our new 1-5 rating sets ensure a more comprehensive approach to your customer feedback. But wait, there’s more…

Our 1-5 rating sets ensure a stronger review funnel, too. So you’ll never miss out on those 4-Star reviews that are sometimes lost by customers that rate you 2 out of 3- Stars in our 3-Star set system.

Furious, Upset, Mediocre, Good, or Amazing – Whatever the case may be, our 1-5 smiley sets allow you to uncover exactly how fond customers are of your service.

When your customers review you, will they be shooting for the stars, or falling flat before liftoff – use our star sets to find out!


Usually associated with strength and completeness, use our square icon sets to discover whether your products/services are reflecting these traits!

RateMyService sets can be easily changed as seen here.

PS: Don’t go anywhere – We’ve more sets being made each day!


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